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Noleen & Jason

The lovely Wedding took place recently of Miss Noleen Owens from Sixmilecross & Mrs Jason Conway from Greencastle in the Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown.

The Bride’s dress was stunning and her bridesmaid dresses were just gorgeous! I loved the colour of the dresses with the lace back detail. Stephen Mallon decorated the Greenvale and it was looking fantastic. Unfortunately the rain took over and the boys got a few photos taken inside before the radiant Bride & her Dad arrived. The Registrar conducted a lovely ceremony and soon the new Mr & Mrs Conway headed for Killymoon Castle in Cookstown for their Photo-shoot. Again not too many Photos were outside but that didn’t stop this couple from relaxing and enjoying themselves! We headed back over to The Greenvale for the meal and as usual Mickey Mc Elhatton had everything set up and ready to go! After the Meal Hype The Band provided the entertainment and the floor was full for the entire night!

Congratulations to you both!

Danielle & Ciaran

The wonderful Wedding of Danielle & Ciaran took place back in July. The Bride wore the most exquisite dress with the Bridesmaids in a beautiful pale green. I loved the Mother of the Bride’s outfit, which matched perfectly with the Bridesmaids.   The Groom’s Niece Cliodna was the Flowergirl and she was so pretty in her wee dress! Catherine Flemming was the Make-up artist on the day and as usual everyone was looking FAB!

2017-01-13_0001 2017-01-13_0001b 2017-01-13_0002 2017-01-13_0003 2017-01-13_0004 2017-01-13_0005 2017-01-13_0007

The boys arrived in their navy suits and brown shoes looking very dapper indeed. Janice Watt from the Flower Studio in Dungannon provided the Flowers and the bouquets were quite simply amazing!

2017-01-13_0008 2017-01-13_008b 2017-01-13_0009 2017-01-13_0010 2017-01-13_0011 2017-01-13_0012

Fr White and Fr Meehan (A Family Friend) conducted the Ceremony and soon the new Mr & Mrs Mc Veigh greeted Friends & Family at the Door of the Church!

2017-01-13_0013 2017-01-13_0015 2017-01-13_0016 2017-01-13_0017 2017-01-13_0018

We then headed to Killymoon Castle for the Photos followed by a Reception in the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown.

2017-01-13_0019 2017-01-13_0020 2017-01-13_0021 2017-01-13_0022 2017-01-13_0023 2017-01-13_0024 2017-01-13_0025

Hype The Band had every guest up and on the floor so the place was just buzzing with excitement!


 Thanks so much for having us at your Special Day!

“The Highest Happiness on earth is the Happiness of marriage”

Caoimhe & John

On the morning of this wedding, I packed not only all the camera equipment but all the flu tablets and Strepsils that I could find. Caoimhe & John both had awful bad colds but let me tell you, it never stopped them from enjoying their Special Day. We arrived at the Brides House and two very pretty young ladies were there to show us around, Katie-Rose & Saoirse, the Bride & Groom’s two young daughters. They were both fantastic on the day and never stopped smiling for the camera.  Caoimhe’s dress was beautiful with a gorgeous beaded band around the waist. It looked lovely hanging up but wow it was even more amazing when she got it on!  The Bridesmaids wore a very delicate baby pink chiffon dress and the two wee princesses wore pretty little dresses with   lovely matching baby pink cardigans!

2016-11-18_0002 2016-11-18_0003 2016-11-18_0004 2016-11-18_0005 2016-11-18_0006 2016-11-18_0007 2016-11-18_0008 2016-11-18_0009 2016-11-18_0010 2016-11-18_0011 2016-11-18_0012

Stephen Mallon decorated the church and I loved the trees at the front doors along with the lanterns!


John & the Boys arrived in good time and got the pics done and dusted before the Bridesmaids arrived.

2016-11-18_0013 2016-11-18_0014 2016-11-18_0015 2016-11-18_0016 2016-11-18_0017

Caoimhe arrived with her Daddy and he looked very proud walking his daughter up the steps and up the Aisle to meet her future Husband!


Fr Hughes conducted the Ceremony and Ciara Fox provided the beautiful singing. The new Mr & Mrs Gilmore soon walked the down the Aisle and out to greet their guests!

2016-11-18_0019 2016-11-18_0020 2016-11-18_0021 2016-11-18_0022 2016-11-18_0023 2016-11-18_0024 2016-11-18_0025 2016-11-18_0026 2016-11-18_0027 2016-11-18_0028 2016-11-18_0029 2016-11-18_0030 2016-11-18_0031

Off we headed then to Lissan House for the Photographs. John & Caoimhe were very good even when we took them out into the cold for an extra few pics together!

2016-11-18_0032 2016-11-18_0033 2016-11-18_0034 2016-11-18_0035 2016-11-18_0036

Mickey Mc Elhatton was at the door ready with the Champagne when we arrived to the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown. I have to say from the Sweetie Cart to the beautifully decorated room to the Magnificent Cake everything looked the part! We had one special request from the Bride & Groom on the day and that was for photographs with their friends.   Little did we know the amount of friends these two special people had! Have a look at the pics below! LOL

2016-11-18_0037 2016-11-18_0038

Hype the Band started the dancing with Caoimhe and her new Hubbie and then later played a special song for Caoimhe and her wee Daddy. When we were leaving the Hotel, the floor was full!!


Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your very own love story!

Natasha & John

What a day, that’s all I can say! Between the Weather and John having us in stitches of laughter, it was brilliant!  The Bridal Preps were very organized, Mum sitting getting her make-up done in the Sun Room and The Bride in a bedroom down the hall getting her hair finished off by Priscilla from Priscilla’s Hair in Omagh. The Bridesmaids were very quiet, I’m not too sure if there were one or two with a slight hangover but who knows..LOL. Sleeeping in his little cot was Nathan, the bride & groom’s son. Natasha’s dress was gorgeous, the lace detail was just fab and of course she was going to be wearing my favourite pair of shoes, Irregular Choice! I’m, not sure if many of you know but I had to get Paul to move some of his clothes out of his side of the wardrobe so I could fit my shoes in, so a slight obsession, well umm yes maybe!! LOL

2016-11-01_0004 2016-11-01_0005 2016-11-01_0006 2016-11-01_0007 2016-11-01_0008 2016-11-01_0009

We arrived to the Church to find Ciara Mc Kernan from Creggan decorating the Altar with her new hire accessories! Clare O’Brien from Draperstown provided the flowers and everything was perfect! We were standing outside waiting on the boys to arrive and far off in the distance all we could hear was or rather what sounded like a cross between a shotgun and a plane, but NO it was John and the boys arriving in their cars! The most handsome boy at the wedding was little Shea, the Bride & Groom’s other wee son! He smiled for the pics even when it was starting to spit with rain! Eventually the rain started, but nothing could have dampened the spirits of that bridal party, even Natasha wasn’t going to wait for an umbrella to get her up the steps to the Church!

2016-11-01_0010 2016-11-01_0011 2016-11-01_0012 2016-11-01_0013 2016-11-01_0014

Fr Forbes conducted the Ceremony and I have to say little Nathan gave him a run for his money, I think he was looking more attention than Fr Forbes! The singing and music provided by Donna Taggart and Rory Madden was just beautiful. Before leaving the Church we took a group photo of everyone at the Wedding. These are lovely to look back on in years to come!

2016-11-01_0015 2016-11-01_0016 2016-11-01_0017 2016-11-01_0018 2016-11-01_0019 2016-11-01_0020 2016-11-01_0021 2016-11-01_0022 2016-11-01_0023

Over the years we have had many requests en-route to the photo-shoot location e.g.: Can we stop at a Grandparents house, can we stop at the local Pub, can we stop at the shop, can we stop at a Toilet but never have we stopped to get a Hot-Dog and Chip for the Groom & Bestman! The Photos were taken and the happy Couple were delivered to the Silver Tassie Hotel by Exotic Limos. Aidan has a lovely new White Limo and it is just class!

2016-11-01_0024 2016-11-01_0025 2016-11-01_0026 2016-11-01_0027 2016-11-01_0028

After a fantastic 4 course meal the dancing started and when we were getting finished off, I had to run with the camera to get one last pic and that was Natasha with her two special boys! Thanks so much for having us at your Special Day. We wish you both & those two fantastic boys every happiness in your future lives together!

2016-11-01_0029 2016-11-01_0030 2016-11-01_0031 2016-11-01_0032

And remember keep the fire lit in your marriage and your life will be filled with warmth!

Ailish & John

I had no trouble choosing pics for this blog as Ailish & John were one of the most relaxed couples we have ever photographed! We arrived at the Bride’s house on the morning and found one very happy girl! Ailish was sitting up getting her Hair & make-up done with not a worry in the world! The Bridesmaids were a fantastic help and there to tend to her every need! Her Dress was lovely, it suited her tiny frame perfectly! The little flower girl Holly arrived in her beautiful little dress and totally stole the show!

2016-10-19_0003 2016-10-19_0004 2016-10-19_0005 2016-10-19_0006 2016-10-19_0007

John and the Boys were delivered to the Church in style by Glendale Limos from Omagh. And I have to say John was definitely looking the part! Ann McKenna from Kildress decorated the Church and everything was looking fab!

2016-10-19_00092016-10-19_0024 2016-10-19_0025 2016-10-19_00262016-10-19_0008

The Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride arrived looking very elegant followed afterwards by the Bride & her Daddy! Ailish just couldn’t wait to get into see John!   Fr Eddie Gallagher conducted a beautiful Ceremony and the new Mr & Mrs Cahill soon walked down the Aisle and out to greet their Guests!

2016-10-19_0010 2016-10-19_0011 2016-10-19_0012 2016-10-19_0013 2016-10-19_0014 2016-10-19_0015 2016-10-19_0016

We then headed to a “secret location” LOL for a few pics with some trees which had just been cut down and then onto Loughmacrory Lough.

2016-10-19_0017 2016-10-19_0019 2016-10-19_0020 2016-10-19_0021

The final destination was the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan. The couple arrived and were taken into see their Function Room and it was class!   When we left the dance floor was full and the guests were there to party!!

2016-10-19_0022 2016-10-19_0023

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cahill!!

“One of the most amazing gifts in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences and mistakes, yet still loves everything about you”.

Claire & Colm

This is a special blog that I’m writing today! This is dedicated to one very special man who is no longer with us and that’s Claire’s Granda Frank. I know I have said it before and I’ll say it again but Grandparents are so important and to have that special photo taken with them on your Wedding Day is priceless!! Granda Frank passed away when Claire was on Honeymoon so the newly weds returned early to attend Frank’s Funeral!   I’m so glad we called out to see Frank that day, he was in such good form and enjoying the craic and was so proud of his lovely Granddaughter!

Blog01 Blog02 Blog03 Blog04 Blog05

Claire’s Big Day started off with make-up & hair being done in the house that morning! It was a busy house to say the least! The Champagne was being opened by none other than the Mother of the Bride and I have to say she was a dab hand at that! Claire looked beautiful and her dress was so simple and elegant! Colm even remembered to purchase a gorgeous gift for his Bride, a beautiful Michael Kors watch! One day at a Wedding I said to Paul “I never got a gift from you on our Wedding Day” and his reply was “Sure you got me, what else did you need” LOL…..Oh let me think!!

Blog09Blog10Blog112016-10-07_0034 2016-10-07_0035

The Boys arrived to the Church on time and looking very handsome! Colm was pretty relaxed, no nerves at all in fact! The Church looked lovely, decorated by Ann Mc Kenna from Kildress!

Blog13 Blog14 Blog15 Blog16

Soon after the Hummer arrived with the Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride who were all looking lovely! Claire’s proud Daddy walked her up the Aisle and into Colm’s Arms! It really is one of my most favourite times at a Wedding, when a Groom sees his wife to be for the first time!

Blog17 Blog18Blog19 Blog23 Blog22 Blog21

There was a Guard of Honour for Claire & Colm on leaving the Church and we then headed to visit the Grandparents who couldn’t make it to the Church! We even took some of the photos at Claire’s Grandparents house in Kildress!


After all the snaps were taken we headed to the Slieve Russell in Cavan for the Reception. The Evening was packed full of great food, company & entertainment!

Blog06 Blog07 Blog08

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning.

Aine & Ryan

We had met Aine & Ryan at a wee engagement shoot around Loughmacrory Lough and knew straight away we would get on famously! On the Big Day we arrived at Aine’s house, got out of the car, lifted out the Camera and an Error Message came up on the screen, as you can imagine Paul was raging but the only benefit of being married to someone who is a perfectionist is that he has another identical Camera as backup ready to go and another and oh of course another! Talk about being ready for all eventualities!!

2016-09-26_0001 2016-09-26_0002

The family made us feel so welcomed from when we went into the house, with Aine’s Mum on tea making duties and Daddy out doing the messages it was certainly a busy house! Daddy was well and truly outnumbered with all the girls, just like our house here! Paul says he surrounded by women here, even Daisy the dog is a girl!! LOL   Catherine Mc Enhill was on makeup duty and as usual everyone was looking fab!

2016-09-26_0003 2016-09-26_0004 2016-09-26_0005

Ryan arrived at the Church looking very handsome and was smiling from ear to ear when Aine walked up the Aisle with her Daddy! Fr Mc Faul conducted the ceremony and everyone was treated to some lovely shortbread biscuits when they left the Church. We even stopped the traffic for a lovely photograph outside the church of the couple and the Wedding Cars!

2016-09-26_0006 2016-09-26_0007 2016-09-26_0008 2016-09-26_0009 2016-09-26_0010 2016-09-26_0011 2016-09-26_00142016-09-26_00242016-09-26_0013 2016-09-26_0025

Off we headed for the photo-shoot and I have to say the location and the light couldn’t have been better! Ryan & Aine relaxed and enjoyed their time together down by the water edge! I think Ryan would have quite happily stayed for another hour, only joking Ryan!! LOL

2016-09-26_00162016-09-26_0020 2016-09-26_00192016-09-26_00182016-09-26_0021 2016-09-26_0022 2016-09-26_0023 2016-09-26_00262016-09-26_0017

Glendale Limousines provided the cars to the Hillgrove for the Reception and of course they were gleaming inside and out! The Function Room was fantastic, the table Plan was based on places the couple had visited! My personal Favourite was the Belfast Table, read why below!!


 The guests were treated to Champagne on arrival along with tea/coffee, scones and biscuits! The Sweetie table went down a treat with the kiddies and the adults!!   There was a special guest at the Wedding Mr Stephen O’ Neill, the Tyrone Footballer. The youngest Groomsman Aaron had asked for a pic with him so of course we obliged! I hope you like it Aaron!

2016-09-26_0028 2016-09-26_0029 2016-09-26_0030 2016-09-26_0031 2016-09-26_0033 2016-09-26_0034 2016-09-26_0035 2016-09-26_0036

Cufflinks Band kicked off the music and after the Bridal Dances were over the floor was filled! I think its safe to say that every single person at that wedding enjoyed every minute of it!

2016-09-26_0038 2016-09-26_0039 2016-09-26_0040

Lara & Sean

We arrived at Lara’s house on the morning of the Wedding only to find her having a laugh with another man!! Don’t worry Sean it was Jay Alveer, Lara’s friend, who flew all the way from New York to do Lara’s make-up!2016-09-16_0001Lara’s Dress was so elegant, it was just made for her, with the long dark hair and big eyes, Lara looked amazing! The two little flower girls were so good and couldn’t wait to get their dresses on! Stephen Mallon was the florist and Lara’s bouquet was exquisite!2016-09-16_00022016-09-16_0004Not every house you go into has its own Bar so we had to get Lara’s Dad in behind it for a couple of pics! 2016-09-16_0003I think Lara is a bit of a Daddy’s girl (just like most of us) and we were delighted to get a Pic of her Daddy at the bottom of the Stairs waiting on his princess to come down in her amazing dress! There were two very important boys at the house that morning and they were Lara’s Foster Brothers. Two Very Handsome young men!!2016-09-16_0006Sean arrived at the Holy Trinity Church in Cookstown fashionably late! Yes we know Sean, the driver got lost!!2016-09-16_0005The Boys all looked very smart in their suits and brown shoes! 2016-09-16_0015We even caught Sean’s Dad & Mum having a little moment!! Sorry Folks!2016-09-16_00072016-09-16_00112016-09-16_00082016-09-16_0009The Bridesmaids and Lara’s Mum arrived looking simply stunning. Sean did get a little nervous but when Lara walked up the Aisle his nerves left and a big smile beamed across his face! Fr Bradley conducted a lovely Ceremony and it was not long til the new Mr & Mrs Loughran left for Lissan House for their Photos!2016-09-16_00122016-09-16_00132016-09-16_00182016-09-16_0016After the Photoshoot the couple held their Reception in the local Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown. Mickey greeted the couple with Champagne and a Big Smile!! The Food as usual was first class and the service in the Greenvale has to be rated one of the best in Northern Ireland.2016-09-16_0019After the First Dance was over, Lara & her Daddy took to the floor for a Father/Daughter dance. The look of pride in her Daddy’s eye was evident!2016-09-16_0020What an amazing Day it was! We wish you every happiness in your future lives together and hope you enjoyed Greece!

“Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that”

Ann-Marie & Brian

What a lovely family! Ann-Marie & Brian have the three most wonderful boys anyone could ever ask for! They make a lovely family and I’m sure there are plenty of laughs with their wee baby Shea. We arrived at Ann-Marie’s Parents House and were met with one very happy girl! Ann-Marie’s big day had finally arrived and she was looking beautiful! The florist Orla Lucas from Greencastle arrived with the bouquets and I have to say they looked absolutely fantastic! We had great fun at the house that morning with all the family and were made feel so at ease! I love it when the family can relax around us; it not only makes us feel welcome it also make the photos so much easier to take!

2016-08-08_0001 2016-08-08_0002 2016-08-08_0003 2016-08-08_0004

The Boys arrived to the Church in a rally car personalized with the Bride and Groom’s names. Brian was so relaxed, no nerves at all! Ann-Marie arrived at the Church in one of Island Limos vintage style cars and as always the cars look immaculate. Orla the Florist decorated the Church and it looked lovely! The Bestman Paul even had time to play a little trick on the couple, he exchanged the rings for Haribo sweetie version rings and Fr Mc Cartan was in on the joke too! Ann-Marie and Brian didn’t know where to look when Paul presented the box!

2016-08-08_0005 2016-08-08_0006 2016-08-08_0007

The Ceremony was over in a blink and the new Mr & Mrs Hughes made their way down the Aisle and out to greet their guests.

2016-08-08_0008 2016-08-08_0009 2016-08-08_00102016-08-08_0012

We then headed to the photo-shoot location, which was just outside Armagh, but as I tell everyone I speak to, no two Weddings are alike and today I will definitely remember for quite a while! We were caught up in the middle of Tassagh Truck Run!! YES a truck run with over 500 Trucks, they were trying to smash the Guinness World Record for Marie Curie Cancer Care. What a Fantastic Event but maybe if we weren’t stuck in the middle of it would have been even better LOL!! All the photos were taken and the new Mr & Mrs Hughes headed to the Armagh City Hotel for their Reception.

2016-08-08_0013 2016-08-08_0011

Many Congratulations to a wonderful couple and a lovely family and remember being loved just as you is the greatest currency on earth. It is immeasurable in value and can never truly be repaid!

Emer & Jack

We had not got the chance to meet with Emer & Jack as they both live in England, so on the morning of the Wedding we arrived at the Bride’s House and received a lovely welcome from the Bridal Party and Parents. We had met with this family before when we covered Emer’s Brother Conor’s Wedding to Caroline a few years ago!  Caroline was expecting their third child and had two of the most gorgeous wee princesses! They were very shy but soon came round to posing!

You always remember certain things about Bride’s Houses and this one was no different! THE HEAT was unreal; their dining room had a glass roof so we were roasted! Paul got chatting to Emer’s Dad about running Marathons & races etc so they were quite happy leaving me to do the work, only joking Paul!

Emer knew exactly what type of dress she wanted but couldn’t find it anywhere so she decided to get it made locally. The Dress was plain and elegant and with Emer’s long Red hair, she looked amazing!!

Jack arrived with all the crew from England to the Church and the sun was shining! Emer and her Dad arrived shortly afterwards in a convertible Beetle.

After the Ceremony was over we headed to Derry for the photo-shoot and I’m sure you can see in the background the Foyle Bridge! Jack even Face-timed his Grandma back in England as she had broken her hip and couldn’t make the journey! The Sun shone the entire time!!

The couple arrived at the Silver Tassie and it was starting to get a bit colder, you will see that I have mentioned the weather quite a bit! This is because no sooner had the guests sat for their Dinner that the snow started! The ground was covered in about 2-3inches of hail and snow!

It was a lovely day with a lovely Couple, we hope you both have a wonderful life together and remember Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful!

2016-06-23_0037 2016-06-23_0038 2016-06-23_0039 2016-06-23_0040 2016-06-23_0041 2016-06-23_0042 2016-06-23_0043 2016-06-23_0044 2016-06-23_0045 2016-06-23_0046 2016-06-23_0047 2016-06-23_0048 2016-06-23_0049 2016-06-23_0050 2016-06-23_0051 2016-06-23_0052 2016-06-23_0053 2016-06-23_0054 2016-06-23_0055 2016-06-23_0056 2016-06-23_0057 2016-06-23_0058 2016-06-23_0059 2016-06-23_0060 2016-06-26_00012016-06-23_0061 2016-06-23_0062 2016-06-23_0063 2016-06-23_0064 2016-06-23_0065 2016-06-23_0066 2016-06-23_0067 2016-06-23_0068 2016-06-23_0069 2016-06-23_0070 2016-06-23_0071 2016-06-23_0072